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Originally Posted by jakebrake View Post
the comments are hysterical! the "educated left" seems to have the reading comprehension of the average 7 year old.
Man, you need to read the forum rules on name calling and provocation.

7 year olds around the world are horrified to be compared to the left.

Also voted, not that it will matter. If people overwhemingly voted it as an assault weapon - the poll would have been all over the news. Since the liberal trash didn't get what he wanted - it will be silenced. Same as all the other news they report.

Reminds me of something I heard on a mainstream news the other day about Citizen Journalist (dotCom) - I'm not sure who it was but they were commenting, I believe with Hannity, about how internet journalists, bloggers, and just regular folks spreading word with use of the Internet has brought out the lies the media has perpetuated as truths.

When this person (again, sorry, didn't catch or don't remember his name) was asked about why Journalists these days don't have the ethics they once did - he replied that they never did, they always pushed their agenda -- there just wasn't anyone with the ability to counter them and bring the truth out until the Internet was born. Back then, if you knew the media or rag was peddling lies -- your only real recourse was another media outlet or to write the editor and complain. Since they're all on the same side - it more or less made no real difference.

EDIT: Wasn't Hannity - it was Stossel. I like that guys work. Probably because he's a libertarian.

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