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Originally Posted by scccdoc View Post
Really? When we first started posting, I stated that we could be friendly with one another (or words to that effect) though we had different beliefs and you absolutely refused. I have friends that are atheists (and a nephew) and friends that are homosexual, male and female. As far as Ghaver's humor, no I don't get it, we don't know one another. BTW, it was an analogy,not humor (according to him, or is that over your head?

Frankly, I would like to have a decent relationship with all of you, you make it difficult for the outsider looking in.......................................... I've thought outside the box until your "humor" got a bit ridiculous.
It was a humorous analogy but both were lost on you. You found more use from it as an insult which only further revealed yourself to others here. Served it's purpose either way...
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