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Originally Posted by Akita View Post
Saw an ad where the show seems to be moving towards a more 'bear gryllis way' of complete and utter stupidity stunts; eg, jumping from a cliff into rapids, etc. The antisurvival techniques and all that for the sake of ratings.

imo, Les Stroud (who doesnt do his shows with an army of support staff and medical team AND who doesnt stay in motels between shootings) was the only decent survival show. (i'll give DS good marks for season 1 and 2's illustration of techniques, but it was all scripted and staged).
That's my impression.

The first two seasons had good info while being entertaining without too much "hold my beer and watch this" weaved in. Though there was more of it in season two. So far it looks like the third season is heavier on the latter.

On the entertainment aspect the chemistry just ain't the same either. It's hard to beat a duo of a dirty shoeless hippy and an abrasive redneck for entertainment. The new cat just doesn't fulfill that role. The dynamics are off and even the forced drama is less interesting.
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