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[quote/] I agree. But I believe all gen3 guide rods have the same width at the aft end. I've done some research online and it seems no one differentiates gen3-gen4 barrels (Lone Wolf, KKM, Storm Lake) at all on their site, conversion or factory. This only leads one to assume that Gen3 and Gen4 barrels are interchangeable, regardless of what Glock may say about the Gen4 barrels being proprietary... Right? I mean, how do you explain there being no difference in any aftermarket manufacturer etc? I'm really confused here... [/quote]

I've heard different things...You might want to do a bit more research on compatability.

I was curious after reading your question. I know I had seen this topic before, none-the-less, I googled a bit...On other forums, seems it works with some, yet, others have problems. Aftermarket bbls sometimes are cut a bit differently (nothing you would notice off hand). This small difference may play a factor with their potential success in function.
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