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Originally Posted by Tiro Fijo View Post
There is a difference or how else would the Gen 4 RSA fit in the gun? The Gen 4 has a larger half moon cutout.

I have a Gen 4 G32 OEM barrel for my Gen 4 G23. I SPECIFICALLY requested it from Glock and that is what I received. I could care less about aftermarket barrels as I don't use/need them. if you don't believe me then call Glock.

No more questions, please.
The Gen4 RSA doesn't fit in a Gen3 because the front end is larger, not necessarily because of the rear.

I think the fact that Gen3/ambiguous conversion barrels are nondiscriminatory between gen3/4 is because of this. The difference is in the slide/front of the guide rods...

I wasn't only referring to aftermarket barrels. Even the OEM barrels sold on these vendors sites are not listed as Gen4... So can you point me to anyone other than Glock who sells a Gen4 specific barrel...?

Oh and regarding the larger cutout, correct me if I'm wrong, but after the gun is assembled, is that not a moot point...?

Sorry, but I'm asking questions because I want definitive answers, not just because Glock says so...
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