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While finding some teenage girl dead in the Wal-Mart bathroom is horribly sad, it's our problem, not Mexico's or Columbia's or Afghanistan's, however, through our own set of failed values, we are killing hundreds, if not thousands of Mexicans annualy indirectly.

If WE leagalize the stuff, the killing in MEXICO will STOP almost OVERNIGHT. Then WE start fixing OUR problem.

Yeah, the faces of the meth heads look a little bad. Doesn't even come close though to the chopped up, mutilated, beheaded, hung, garroted, bullet ridden DEAD BODIES that are found in MEXICO EVERY DAY. The meth heads had a choice. The aforementioned CORPSES in MEXICO usually DID NOT.

If we really want to fight a "war on drugs" we send F16's, A-1 Abrams tanks, Marines, Army. You drop "Daisy Cutter" bombs. If we did this right, we could be done with it in a month.

The politically correct crap we're trying to do in Mexico ranks right up there with the way we fought Vietnam in the last few years of that conflict.

The only reason I can see the U.S. "fighting" this the way we do is because we know the starvation that will follow after Mexico's prime source of income is gone.

"Drug War". What a load of crap.

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