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Originally Posted by shooter1234 View Post
Law scholar, this is true. And I have the same opinion about those products too. Like the Ferrari. They can cost 80 thousand dollars more than a nice Buick for example. Is that worth it? Absolutely not. There's comes a point where it's not a quality issue any longer. If you were to compare a Chevy Cavalier to a Mercedes than sure. There's a huge disparity between the two, in every single category. But is a Ferrari 80 grand better than a new Buick? Not at all. You're just shelling out money for the brand, and the fad factor, and NOTHING more.

You have clearly NEVER owned a Ferrari. As someone in the automotive industry and who's wife CURRENTLY drives a new Buick Enclave, there is an ENORMOUS difference between the two vehicles. And the cost? Try $280,000 more, not $80,000.

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