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Originally Posted by Akita View Post
.......imo, Les Stroud (who doesnt do his shows with an army of support staff and medical team AND who doesnt stay in motels between shootings) was the only decent survival show.....
Originally Posted by Kloogee View Post
I love Survivorman. All the rest are just actors.
I can't quite agree. Cody Lundin (just like Les Stroud) lives off-grid. He isn't only an instructor, he lives this way 24/7. He grows his own food, catches his own water etc. It isn't acting. I know BG has been accused of staying in hotels and such, but the others haven't been accused of this. Dave Canterbury lives what he teaches, Mykal Hawke and Joe Teti are military trained and have lived in these types of harsh environments. So while some of the show is just that, a show. It does feature real professionals in situations that can really happen (and have) and they are demonstrating real skills that are viable.

Think of it this way, with all the other crap on TV these days (and it is a bunch of crap), at least we have something entertaining as well as educational.
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