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Originally Posted by Tiro Fijo View Post
There is a difference or how else would the Gen 4 RSA fit in the gun? The Gen 4 has a larger half moon cutout.

I have a Gen 4 G32 OEM barrel for my Gen 4 G23. I SPECIFICALLY requested it from Glock and that is what I received. I could care less about aftermarket barrels as I don't use/need them. if you don't believe me then call Glock.

No more questions, please.
The ONLY difference on SOME barrels is when a .357 barrel is used in SOME .40 cals and then must be ordered by frame S/N. This apparently only affects SOME pre-Cxx .40 cal serial numbers.

My Glock Armorer's parts list/will-fit info reflects no other difference in Gen3 and Gen4 barrels.

Gen4 RSAs wouldn't fit in a Gen3 slide. The barrel half moons are the same and fit Gen3 or Gen4 with the Gen-appropriate RSA in the correct slide. As an example, I have a Gen3 and a Gen4 G17 and the barrels and fit are the same when using the correct RSA appropriate to the slide in which they are inserted.
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