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Well, having heaped praise on the show in the above posts....last night is the first episode I can honestly say I didn't enjoy. The episode was 'On the Menu'. It was a good concept i.e. you're stuck in the middle of nowhere in South Africa, Jeep breaks down, and there are poachers in the area.

Here was my issue(s)...

Cody and Joe are on the move away from potential poachers. Okay, serious threat. Problem is that they continue to stop and argue about how fast/slow to walk. You would think that they could hold a conversation WHILE walking away from a threat instead of just standing there in the middle of nowhere waving their *****'s.

Same thing when deciding where to sleep. Joe wants a thorn shelter on the ground, Cody wants to sleep in a tree. Now I have to sit and watch them argue about it. Seems to me that Cody slept on the ground last time he was in Africa and did so again later in this episode. I would have rather them spent a bit more time on Joe covering their tracks and Cody measuring out the sodium manganese to purify water. Both would/could be more useful knowledge than standing around arguing.

I hope this isn't an indicator of what the rest of the season has in store. A bit of differing view points is entertaining but also provides different options. Dumbass arguements in the middle of nowhere instead of intelligent movement gets tedious.

Still a fan of the show...but they need to chill, gel and get their act together.
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