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Whats with ar15 dot com

I know this is not the same forum, but with all the liberal anti gun politicians after our 2nd amendment rights, I thought It be good to network. I am working on joining more gun forums. The more we stick together, the more info we will have, the more we know who to and not to vote for etc.

I tried to sign on at ar15 com., but this site would not let me. I says I can not use Yahoo or any anonymous email. Ironic it seems to me, I can not use my Verizon email I used to use because Frontier took it over. time ago So I have no non anonymous email now. This more has effected millions of people.

I'm not on here to put down other sites. But these are dire times and to point fingers at people and say "your email provider is not acceptable" or "your hair is the wrong color!"

It alienates millions of people who support the 2nd amendment.

With Snobbery like this, it is no wonder we Gun owners are weakened politically
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