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Originally Posted by Bren View Post
All of the parts. That is the nature of constitutions and laws. Cases are written in detail to account for things that have already happened. Laws are written generally, to try to account for future possibilities. The higher the levle, the more general it is - the constitution being the highest level of all and being written appropriately for that level. In fact, nobody has managed to write one on par since, for the very reasons argued about here - because they try and make it more clear and specific, which leads to unforseen future problems. We only have forseeable future whiners who don't get what they want.
I suppose if we give enough lawyers enough time we can make the Constitution say whatever it needs to say.

No one suggested that the Constitution is supposed to represent the entire body of federal law. However it does tell the congress very specifically what it can write laws about.

.......unless of course the court decides that "shall not be infringed" actually means "subject to whatever regulations the Congress feels is reasonable."
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