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I got a Canon T3 for Christmas, so at some point I'll be trying to get some hi-res DSLR pics of this gen 1 19.

Just curious, opinions? This gun is no safe queen. Didn't come with any of the original stuff except a gen 1 magazine, and the gun isn't spotless. I don't plan on shooting the gun a whole lot, but I don't exactly like to have safe queens that never get used either. I have a set of Ameriglo Kyle Defoor sights I've been thinking about putting on this gun. It's a tasteful improvement in sights over the crappy factory plastic ones, and it's kind of inline with what you would want for stock factory sights (steel).

For the hell of it, I'm actually planning on testing both versions of Apex Tactical's Glock G-FRE extractor in this gun. I'm primarily testing it in Gen 2, 3, and 4 19's and 17's, though I figured I'd see what it does in this gen 1 19 just for fun. I know not many people have one of these, so the least I can do is to at least do something with it to put some more content out there on the web about them.
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