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Originally Posted by ImpeachObama View Post
You can't argue with Fred. Other than his hate on Tightgroup powder, I find the guy right on everything else.
I agree. I consistently find myself agreeing with Fred, even on the Tightgroup; bought a pound to try and won't buy it again. I like WW231 better and WST has to be my next "fast" powder.

I do think, if you look at the big picture, this election did come down to the fact that any vote other than Romney was a vote for Obama.

Look, I am a Ron Paul conservative but I sure as heck didn't vote for someone who had no chance against Obama. In effect, my vote for Romney was a vote against Obama. Romney was never my favorite candidate, but he was miles ahead of that stinker in the Whitehouse.

"In St. Louis, armed Homeland Security agents monitored Tea Party members protesting the IRS. Good idea. When people think their government is out to get them, the best response is to send the government out to get them." -Fred Thompson
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