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forget fienstien. i am so sick of seeing the disgraceful hag. see needs to take her nappy crypt keeper self somewhere else. i am downright disgusted by the sight of this wretched heifer to the point of physical discomfort.

on another note am i disappointed with some of you in this thread. i don't know if its out of paranoia of whose watching the thread or if we just have alot of new shooters who don't have much investment or value in their rights yet shocked at how quickly we are just rolling over and talking about 10 round neutered mags and how we plan on changing calibers to suit our neutered weapons. the thread should of been called....."9mm guys, when you just roll over and ALLOW your rights to be raped what caliber will they ALLOW you to use"

sorry. im not sure if that was appropriate at this juncture in the conversation but i just had to get that off my chest. been wanting to say this for pages now.

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