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I'll say step up and buy an 810 Contego. In my opinion it's the ultimate Benchmade. CPM M4 steel, Axis lock, steel backspacer, good G10 scales, and can be had for ~$120.

The Cutting Edge

The 710 is another outstanding choice. 4" D2 blade, Axis Lock, And good G10. ~$100
The Cutting Edge

The Bedlam rounds out my top 3 Benchmades. 4" 154cm blade, Axis Lock, Steel pommel, and really cool sculpted G10. This knife is a beast, it's big, heavy, and penetrates like nothing else. It is one of my go to knives for a defensive blade. ~$170 (does not come with a "wave" from Benchmade.)
Caveat: The pocket clip on this knife sucks!
The Cutting Edge

I have a couple Griptilians, they are good knives but definitely not my favorite.
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