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Originally Posted by cfrye11 View Post
I work at an indoor sports arena. my boss is a boarder line gun guy. he likes guns and owns a .22. he even bought me a membership to a gun club.

our maintenance guy keeps his in the truck and claims if it were his business he would fire anyone who carried in his business. my boss has asked me not to carry.

he claims that he talked with his lawyer and that because we occasionally have school teams in our private facility that our building could be considered school boss worries more about his business if I had to defend my self then he does about my safety.

Now, I'm here late at night (1 am) and am the only employee on in a 150,000 sq foot building in a not so good part of town. we have been broke in to and I routinely deal with homeless people. my boss keeps a baseball bat with him when he is here late nights.

I HATE NOT Carrying but I really can't afford to lose my job. this is the only place I go i do not feel safe. (cause i can't carry)

does anyone believe that a private establishment could be considered a school?
That's law here in Texas. If a school event is being held at a site off school premises, the event premises do indeed become (school grounds). I feel for you! I am torn,Ike my job, don't need it though (wife is an executive @ Fortune 500 co.) but still don't want to lose job. instructor at ccl class said "do not lose your job over company ccl policy. Still torn though.....

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