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Originally Posted by Tiro Fijo View Post
Go to 2:40 in the following vid:
Considering the source (YouTube) I would argue on that basis alone. Glock Factory Armorers cringe at the mere mention of YouTube. BUT, in the video, the shelves do look different between the 34 Gen3 and 17 Gen4. I would also say that he was comparing a 17 to a 34 barrel - but those should be exactly the same in that area anyway.

I have a Gen3 17, a Gen3 34, and a Gen4 17 whose barrels look to the naked eye exactly the same at the shelves. This prompted me to get out the calipers. On all my barrels the measurement(s) where I was best able to take them - top of shelf of the half moon cutout to the locking-notch/barrel hood corner on the barrel(s) all measure the same - .6665".

The Gen3s are both ODs with test fire dates of:
G17 - 08/30/10
G34 - 10/06/10

The Gen4 G17 is 06/21/12

In addition, and as noted above in my post # 894, for current ordering purposes, the Glock Armorer's parts list (also known as "Will-Fit Info") shows no difference between any generation barrels except as also noted above in that post #894.

We know that Glock does make product improvements and have (for instance) increased the support in .40cal chambers over the years.

That's as scientific and as rational as I can make it, but I have not called Glock.
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