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Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
While the libertarian in me believes people should be free to destroy themselves, I agree with Series1811 here.

The U.S. Government has the full Constitutional authority to regulate the import of products into the country. I don't think an influx of foreign cocaine is good for our society and it is within the purview of the feds to control the importation. If that determination is made it should be done with a degree of resolution that will make it successful, or not done at all. The U.S. government is powerful enough to stop it if desired.

Likewise, the federal government should protect U.S. methamphetamine manufacturers from unfair trade practices of the Mexican cartels.
Totally agree as far as stopping the drug trade.

As an overview, the CIA's network maintains the vast majority of drugs flowing (e.g., heroin from Afghanistan) into the united States. If not for their network, the WOD (which is a misnomer but that point aside) would have been won decades ago, but in reality, it's not a war on drugs, it is a war against the American People and the ability for them to defend themselves against a shadow government gone rogue years ago.

However, without the WOD, things like armed surveillance drones flying over our American cities and the militarization of our Police forces and 'Cop Shops' around America would not have been possible. While the threat from terrorists/terrorism is also being blamed and used an an excuse for all the hardware currently being set up against American citizens here in the US, certainly the WOD is being promoted as a just cause for such constitutionally illegal hardware and technologies as well.

Here in America, the only drug dealers being arrested or having their businesses interdicted are the ones that are not within the CIA's and shadow government's "approved" network of distribution. The drug trade will NEVER stop or be stopped due to its NOW vital importance to the American economy.

NAFTA, the free trade agreement, and the forcing of HONEST and much valued manufacturing businesses overseas, which all three have their conceptual genesis occurring at least no later than during reagan's second term, are now part and parcel to tactile movement of drugs over our national borders and subsequent distribution throughout the US. The ongoing laundering of the drug money, generated through the WOD, and the downfall of our American economy from one of almost a 100%, in-house manufacturing economy to that of a predominately service economy is resultant of the push to bankrupt the Middle Class.

Is the WOD, in actual application, really an oxymoron? Yes.
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