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Originally Posted by Car 2217 View Post
Here is Texas Penal Code 9.32, Deadly Force in Defense of Person. Don't see anything allowing for pursuit (which is not to say there isn't something...)
I know that tone doesn't carry on the boards. So I assure you that I mean this as nicely as possible:

Aside from the fact that the cite supporting pursuit of felons was provided by another, your quote above shows that you really don't understand how things work, and for some reason are adopting an attitude that is distinctly un-American.

Here, as opposed to portions of Europe, the default is liberty. The citizen is not required to find a statute where the state allows his act before proceeding. Rather, he may proceed as he sees fit in his life until the state prohibits an action.

It is not on us (in this case and for an example) to show where the citizen has been allowed to pursue a known felon. It's on you to show that such an action is specifically prohibited.

So again, I ask: in what state is a citizen prohibited from chasing a known felon? Certainally not TX, where this occurred, and I'll wager not in your state either.

Know your law and stop inventing things to worry about.
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