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Originally Posted by Sam Spade View Post

Aside from the fact that the cite supporting pursuit of felons was provided by another, your quote above shows that you really don't understand how things work, and for some reason are adopting an attitude that is distinctly un-American.
Where I live, when you train for a CCDW, state prosecutors specifically tell the applicant via videotape that when using deadly force, the instant the threat is ended, so to does the ability to use deadly force. This comes from statutes regulating the use of deadly force which are made a part of the CCDW training by reference but are not part of the actual CCDW laws. In other words, they apply to any citizen, not just CCDW holders.

My post did not say that you weren't allowed to pursue a criminal nor did I say a person could not make a citizen's arrest. Please do not say that I made comments that I didn't make. I posted about the use of Deadly Force - when you can use it and when you can't. I used the Houston incident in that reference, not to start a discussion of when you can pursue a fleeing felon.

As for me being UN-American, how exactly am I supposed to take that if not as an insult?

We all have a right to defend ourselves in all states but we do not have a "right" to use deadly force once the threat has ended. Even shooting a person trying to kill you is a homicide which means literally killing another. Self Defense use of Deadly Force is an Affirmative Defense that can be used to counter a charge of murder or manslaughter. That is all it is.

The guys in Texas were employing deadly force once the threat had ended. They certainly were entitled to pursue but not to employ deadly force where there was no longer a threat.

As for me "making things up to be concerned about", I wonder what George Zimmerman would have to say about that?
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