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Nightstand set up

1st of all, thank you for your very helpful inputs on GT.

I have a toddler at home so all my firearms are locked except one on me.

Under the nightstand, there is a quick access safe (Gunvault GV2000S).
I put my EDC G30 (holstered in a Comp-Tac Infidel in condition 1) every might.

I recently purchased an used Gen4 G21. I plant to have it in the same safe (with G30) once I feed enough rounds through. I have the Infidel holster for it.

For a nightstand gun, should it be holstered?

Which one (G21 or G30) should be the primary nightstand gun?

Should it be in condition 1 (I am thinking "yes")?

How many magazines should be in the safe?

I am thinking that G21 to be the nightstand duty on the more accessible top shelf of the safe.

I would appriceate your advice.

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