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Originally Posted by WT View Post
Looks like one continous act to me - armed robber, running down the street, gun in hand. Sounds like a deadly threat.

Heck, even the German Shepherd dog knew what to do.
The dog is my hero, WT. He is the only one that the DA won't go after (but the dog catcher might :=).

I guess I will stop responding. Somehow this got off into a thread on an isolated incident in Houston. (And again, I hope those guys are never found and if an LEO discovers their identity I hope he loses the paperwork. I would.)

Before I go however, once again all I was trying to do is talk about how once the lawyers get involved, you had better have done each and every thing that the permissible use of deadly force requires and I went over them as they apply in virtually all the states.

Everything else that happened on this thread belongs in a post about permissible law enforcement by private citizens.
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