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To give an update: wife went to the range last weekend and today and I accompanied her (her request; she wanted me there). So far she's doing much better! Still anticipating the trigger a bit, but not nearly as bad. She's relaxing more at the range and is getting used to the environment. Last weekend and this weekend she did a lot of shooting with the .22 pistol. That has helped a lot. At 7yds, she can make about a 6" diameter group around the bull area. When she switches to the Glock, she repeats this, but after a couple of mags, she begins jumping the trigger again. Last weekend, I loaded the .22 for her, and a couple of times I faked her out and only loaded 1 or two rounds into the gun and told her it was fully loaded. This had the same effect as the fake bullets. She definitely felt herself flinching and tensing as she pulled the trigger with no round there to fire. This was a lesson for her and from that point on, she can now recognize herself when she's flinching.

This week was even more improved than last week. She shot the .22 about 60% of the time, only flinching once or twice and putting probably 100-120 rounds through it. When she switched over to the Glock, she flinched a little bit, but now, even when she flinches, the results on the paper are lot less dramatic! Before, when she would flinch, the holes would be about at the 7-o'clock position and the majority of her shots would be at least inside the 7-ring (or even lower than that). Today 80% or better of her shots at 7yds are within the 9-ring with only a few dropping into the 8 and very few in the 7-ring. I gave her lots of encouragement and praise which works well for her.

Towards the end of her time, we switched targets and she emptied 2 mags into the 10-ring of the target with her G19, completely decimating the bullseye of the paper. Then a kid in the booth next to us rented a Dessert Eagle .50 cal and started firing that monster. This freaked her out a little and she started flinching again, but still kept most of her shots within the 9-ring anyway. She's improving and feeling better about herself and her progress.

Thanks for the tips, everyone! They are paying off!

To answer the nay-sayers: yes, she will get training from an instructor. We have not had the money yet, but will soon.

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