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Thanks! She feels good about learning to shoot and beginning to carry.

One plus in the whole thing is she picked out the G19 she owns. I didn't buy her a gun and say, "here, shoot this." We rented several guns from the range and she settled on two she really liked. The Sig P229 and the G19. We didn't have the funds for the P229 and it was a bit large and heavy for CC so the G19 was it! She likes her G19 a lot and is really beginning to enjoy shooting it. The more she goes, the more relaxed she is and the better time she has.

You're definitely right about calibers. Although, I'm a bit afraid of the .50 cal that was being shot next to us today, simply because that massive gun was about hitting the kid shooting it in the face when it went off. No thanks. LOL

When my wife doesn't flinch, her grouping and aim is impressive by my standards, especially given her background and experience level. She's movin up quick!

We'll be back at the range next weekend for more practice! Past two trips to the range, I have not fired one round. It's all about her.

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