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New G19 Gen4 owner in SE SoDak

Hello from frigid SE SD! The Glock M19 Gen4 is the first hand gun I've owned and I really like it. Being a retired Marine, hand guns aren't foreign to me; however, my M.O.S. didn't require me to regularly fire the standard issue Beretta 9mm.

Before I made my choice, I went down to my local gun shop a few times and talked with the guys there - got their thoughts on the top 3 or so 9mm's. I then went down there a few times to fire 3 different makes/models... concentrating on the sizes that would be better suited for CC. I've fired the Glock M17 quite a few years ago and remembered liking the trigger pull. What sold me on the Glock were a couple of things: of course, there's the Glock reputation; the safety system of the Glock - I didn't like having to remember to switch a lever (on other makes) to fire the gun; and finally, the sights - I find that I can acquire my target quicker with the rear sight set-up that the Glock uses.

The wife is really getting the itch to get her own gun too, so we'll use the same approach to find a hand gun that fits her.
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