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Originally Posted by Lone Wolf8634 View Post
I work at a facility that houses inmates who are participating in a year to 18 month drug and alcohol treatment program called a "Therapeutic Community". They lean rather heavily on the spiritual, AA, NA, various Native American beliefs and even Wicca and Buddhism.

I can't say It has effected my personal opinions on religion and spirituality in any way. I was pretty set in my opinion when I started there and nothing I've seen has changed my mind.

As far as effecting my job? Well, it is preferred that you "go with the program" so my Atheistic views are really not welcome. So I tend to keep them to myself. If asked directly I do not lie, but I make the conversation as short as possible. I've been approached by clinical staff trying convert me, and when that fails, they try to get me to tell these guys that I do believe in something, anything so that they don't have an example of a clean, sober individual who manages to stay out of prison without the use of a "Higher Power". They really get upset with me when I tell 'em "That ain't happinin."

Most all of my knowledge of science is self taught by reading and conversing with people much smarter than I. And the interwebs.
I am a retired Paramedic due to a broken back for pulling a person from a car, and a servant of God. Both have determined how I believe in numerous ways.
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