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Originally Posted by __jb View Post
That's going to add quite a bit of travel time to GSSF matches... Do they have any shooting ranges/clubs near to your planned location?

Hope it works out for you!
There are 3 ranges in an area about 25 miles away - which is what I drive now to get to my current club. There's an FWC unsupervised range, a private, and a semi-private range. There is no competition at the FWC range, the private range has 3 bays, an outhouse, no electricity, and limited competition. All 3 ranges together don't equal my very nice current club I am at and don't have the great teaching programs either.

The move will add about 2.5 hours to every trip except Clearwater, where it will only add about 1.5 hours to my already 45-50 minute trip.
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