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Originally Posted by lawman800 View Post
It was easy enough to use but felt very awkward and doing a few practice draws made it very clear that it was going to take a lot of mental rewiring to get it down, and the act of pushing the paddle inward toward your body also has a tendency to move the whole holster inward, causing a lot more movement than I would like, just to clear my weapon.

Guess that is a long winded way of asking if anyone has experience with that type of Bianchi holster and what do you think, also just in general, what type of retention do you guys find to be adequate and fits your needs, as well as meeting your comfort level, for off duty or concealment holsters?
To me, muscle memory is key. I'm staying with thumb breaks. I use holsters from Tauris Leather/holsters-both his pancake with the reinforced mouth, and the IWBs.
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