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I didn't read the article but I know the proper route for reloaders to take. If you have the long green, and the need for the volume, the 650 is the way to go. If money is tight and you have a lot of calibers and not much need for volume or abilty to deal with quirks, get the Lee turret. If you don't have a lot of money, can tolerate some small quirks, get the Lee Pro 1000.

The Loadmaster, LNL, or anything else that is complicated, relatively expensive compared to the 1000 or turret, and loaded with quirks, should be passed over.

My Pro1000 isn't perfect, but it is dead nuts simple and for the price, I can live with imperfections that are easy to work around. The occasional screwed up primer feed is easily cleared, it takes a second or two. My 650 is nearly perfect, so it justifies the cost. The constant issues with the LNL, reported by people I trust, that are impossible, or nearly impossible to fix, doesn't justify the cost which is nearly as high as the 650.

The LM seems to have been an answer to a problem that doesn't exist. They made a machine that costs more than the 1000, is more complicated, and does nothing the 1000 won't do except have more dies stations which aren't needed. I've been reloading since 1986 with three dies and have been scratching my head at all of the new holes the press companies keep coming up with ever since.
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