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Originally Posted by RyanBDawg View Post
The overall drug addiction rate for all drugs has stayed roughly level since the war on drugs began.

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For an example, just of how much cocaine use has increased since the late sixties, read Blow, by George Jung. It is a factually accurate reporting of how much cocaine importation increased, just in the seventies.

In the 90's, cocaine importation leveled off, simply because the cartels had saturated the market with cocaine and it was literally impossible to cultivate new cocaine users.

So, the cartels did what any smart businessmen would do. They expanded into heroin and methamphetamine (they were already heavily into marijuana production and importation, and still are). They were even giving heroin away in the mid 90's, to their distributors, to try and develop markets for it.

But, in the end, you have to have the user, willing to buy and ingest the stuff into his or her body, or the whole system collapses. And, we do have those people, in huge numbers.
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