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Originally Posted by TurboRocket View Post
I respect Benchmade as a knife maker and I like a lot of their products, but for some reason, I don't own any yet. I like flippers. The 300SN flipper is a tad small for my tastes, but I hope that sells well enough that BM comes out with other flipper models.

I don't see Emerson coming out with flipper models any time soon, the the best that could be done would be a ghetto wave on an Axis/Flipper.
I have actually though about trying to get a new blade custom made for my Rukus (love it that much) to get my wishes there. I do MUCH prefer the Axis lock to Emersons liner lock, but for my EDC purposes the wave usually trumps all. My flipper desire is largely fueled by your comments a while back about its benefits.
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