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Originally Posted by MudFlap379 View Post
C4W, I'm curious what kinda problems you had? I've run a lotta ammo thru mine, and never had any issues.
Here is a partial list, Divided into Annoying but liveable to Totally Unacceptable.

Annoying but Liveable.
1) LnL bushing System. Each bushing fits the press different. Some are loose and easy to handle by hand, some are tight and a PITA to remove. They don't have flats so if they are tight in the press then you have to put a wrench on the die to remove the bushing. Sometimes the bushing comes loose, sometimes the die comes loose. I never figured out how this annoying setup helped ME any over Dillon's toolhead that just slides in and out easy as can be.
2) Casefeeder has to be modified to work right, The bowl is misalligned with the drop chute. I fixed it, but I am not the only one with this issue. It's common.
3) An entire list of stuff that just isn't as good. Roller handle is non-existent from Hornady, the aftermarket one isn't near as good. Strong mount doesn't exist and the aftermarket one doesn't have good bullet tray setup or case bin setup. Ergonomics are all wrong. Too much happening from one side with out the casefeeder. My 550 was faster and better by far. Casefeeder is noisy as well.

List of the Totally Unacceptable.

1) Primer setup would not seat primers all the way. I got about a 1% failure rate with CCI. Ram is hollow and thin, so it flexes, the primer punch has a really short throw and doesn't seat deep enough. You have to push to hard but the spring on the primer punch coil binds at the end and causes the inconsistent seating. It's not fixable. I need 100% reliable priming not hit or miss. I tried cutting the spring, Hornady put a metal plate on the press (Ugly and caused other issues because now the punch was slightly raised at rest). Look at a LnL primer punch vs the Dillon. LnL is 1/5 the size so it has a short throw. It's just plain inferior. This issue alone makes the press useless. Not everyone has this issue but I know others with the same issue.
2) Casefeeder slider setup is HORRIBLE. The case is not captured like on the 650. So it can get off track. The Primer on a fired case is often raised just a little so the case is tippy as it slides to the shellplate. Some cases tip as they go over the spring. I could never get even 100 cases loaded with out a failure. More like one in 50. I can load 1K's of rounds on my 650 and these issues will never occur because the rim of the case is captured in a custom part (with a grove for the raised primer). Dillon is designed for reliability. LnL is a afterthought casefeeder and not near as good.
3) 1/2 indexing is a PITA. The press is always indexing, so you have to move the handle slower all the time to avoid spilling powder. As a result the press is way slower then even a 550 if you have anything close to a full case in 9mm. Dillons let you control the indexing speed by hand or by moving the handle slower at just the very end of the cycle. Much better.

I got the LnL to have faster production then my 550. In the end the LnL with a casefeeder was slower then my 550 and way less reliable. Glad Hornady bought it back. Even if the LnL had a better priming system it's still a inferior design in a lot of important ways.

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