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Thanks for all the input so far. Sorry, I forgot one major point which is why I am asking the question.

I am looking for something with retention for the Taurus 709 which, as far as I can find, has no factory available holsters specifically made for it.

I have experimented and found that around 60% of the holsters made for the G26 would fit it. However, the belt slide and pancakes definitely don't fit it because it is slimmer. The Bianchi auto retention holsters fit it like a charm because it is a belt slide with a trigger guard clamp, but that release mechanism has really got me worried.

The thumb breaks don't really work because it becomes too long and way too loose on the Taurus. The SERPA doesn't work for the Taurus either.

Guess I can always go custom and have someone like Mitch Rosen cut one for the gun with a thumb break for me.
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