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Originally Posted by Cavalry Doc View Post
Oh no?!?!? That is the road to ruin. Decrease public assistance to a bare subsistence level. You don't starve, you have shelter, but no phone, no tv, no game consoles, no high dollar SUV's with after market rims and a cool sound system, you get to live, that's it. A man working 20 hours a week T a
Part time job should have a better life than a welfare leach that is able to work.

If you give people the proper motivation to work they will work. That includes being very harsh to thieves.
Oh I can't stand that crap!! Living off the system even though they are able to work. "Well, I have a chronic hangnail! I can't work!" I see it all the time at work. People who have a circulation problem or get headaches on permanent disability! The encouragement of these people needs to stop! That mentality needs to be exterminated.

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