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I am a CPA. Faith doesn't really come into play in my job one way or another as far as performing my job. But I do have to keep the fact that I am a non-believer to myself as it might run off lots of my clients. I live in the south east where people still think if you don't believe that you're in league with the devil. So I have to professionally protect myself from their ignorance.

You talk to people a lot when you're a CPA. And for some reason people share all the intimate details of their lives with a CPA. For example you ask them questions to see if they truly can rightfully claim their dependent on their taxes to see if they meet the relationship, support, and residency tests and all that crap. But they'll continue on to tell you about their cousin slept with their ex-husband and he's now in rehab because he had bad run with some good meth and blah blah blah. Often they'll say something like "Pray for us cause we could sure use it" to which I just smile and say "Ok".
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