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Originally Posted by ctaggart View Post
I have finally gotten to where I had the time and funds to establish a food plot in the fall of 2012. I ran into some problems getting this plot established though. Mainly breaking equipment, the plow for the most part. The roots I was plowing through were just absurd. Some were as long as 15 feet.

So, I got it all mowed down, limed, sprayed with Roundup and eventually plowed with a 2 bottom behind a Massey Ferguson MF50. Then I disced the heck out of it. I planted some purple top turnips for a fall crop because I had heard the deer love them. Turns out, purple top turnips are like crack cocaine to deer. They really worked that field over and I had a lot of deer traffic through there. Here are some long overdue pictures.

Hunting, Fishing & Camping
Hunting, Fishing & Camping
Hunting, Fishing & Camping
Hunting, Fishing & Camping
Hunting, Fishing & Camping
Hunting, Fishing & Camping

Video of a decent buck
Cdy00001 - YouTube

Hey amigo, Got your PM you sent me with the link coming over here.

I am imppressed ! Very good Job man. I sure understand about breaking equipment and plow parts. With us here in the bottom of the back canyon it's big rocks that tear stuff up.

Well I have never planted or eaten or know if ever I have seen a "purple top turnip," but if they are deer cocaine, then you got it made pard !
Looks nice down through there on the pics you posted, and the photo's were great. The one Black and white photo, and the the little video clip had a promising buck in there. Alright !

Now over a few years time and careful hunting by you and family, and good " maintenance," of your fields you will have a good grop of deer in there for sure, and some look to be very nice on down the road too, and produce good offspring in the blood line as well.

Happy and proud for ya my friend. You stuck with it, and now are reaping a harvest. Way to go !

Milo and winter wheat, and oates is it for out here, and that is with much prayer, because there just is no rain. These fields usually burn up on us real quick.

Feeders with good suppliments, and things that help provide a good nutrition, and wise maintenance of the location of the feeders, as in moving them around often so as notto allow them to be in one place to long where the grass is removed and there is just dirt under the feeder is a must to prevent worms.

We had a real plague of wormy turkeys and deer once upon a time out here because the feeders weren't moved enough, and when they turn to sand or just plain dirt under them the worm epidimic strikes them all. Mostly with as much land that is here, even in desert drought like conditions they still manage to well enough for themselves just on what browse they obtain on their own.

well, i gotta run right quick and deal with somethin here, but wanted to reply to your PM. I reall appreciate you thinkin of me and sending the PM and the pics and post. Man, Again, very good job man, looks great, sounds great, and the deer are looking good, and now it's just maintenance, and shooting the right deer !

Have a great time and good hunting.
Hey, BTW, Keep me updated from time to time on PM how the plot and deer and hunting or going for ya, I really am interested to see amigo !

Bless you !

You boy's saddled this bronc, now let's see if you can ride it.

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