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Originally Posted by NOLA_glock View Post
I voted "No." though it's not exactly true. The bushy AR-15 absolutely fits the definition of "assault weapon" put forth by our legislators.
It asked for an opinion - Do you consider the Bushmaster .223 an assault weapon?

I believe assault weapon is a fictional term used in Newspeak to support a political agenda - I don't consider any firearm an assault weapon.

I am not obligated to agree with my legislators' opinions on word definitions, especially of terms they invented for a political purpose. Whether I disagree that the bushmaster fits the legislated definition of "assault weapon" or whether I disagree that such a thing exists, the answer is still clearly no. The only way of answering "yes" would be if I agree with both the validity of the term "assault weapon" AND that the Bushmaster fits it.

If it asked, does the Bushmaster .223 match the definition of "assault weapon" set out in __________ (one of many various gun coontrol laws)" the answer might be different.
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