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Originally Posted by T-Rod45 View Post
TRIFECTA !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caliber Corner

Finally got my G32 barrel! The Gen4 RSA fits in the Gen3 barrel cut out perfectly. Racked it about 30 times and chambered a few rounds of .357sig, and so far it seems to functon just fine. Can't wait to get to the range and put it thru its paces.

3-guns-in-1, baby........
Nice setup. I need to get a 4th gen G-32 RSA for my 3rd gen G-32 and compare it with the Wolff recoil system I have.

Caliber Corner
Do you happen to know what the spring weight is on the gen 4 RSA assembly? I've grown quite fond of the #20 Wolff spring's characteristics.
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