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Gen4 G20 and G29 up on the Glock website

Happend to be on the Glock website tonight, saw that they'd updated the 10mm page to include the Gen4 G20 and G29:


I noticed that the following measurements are different between the Gen3 G20/G20SF and Gen4 G20 (did not check out the G29 as not interested in that):

Length: 209mm, 204mm, 193mm (Gen3, Gen3SF, Gen4)

Width: In mm, same. In inches, Gen4 is .01 inches wider.

Barrel Height: 32mm, 32mm, 20mm (Gen3, Gen3SF, Gen4). I wonder if 20mm is a typo and should be 30mm, or if that is for real? I know almost nothing about firearm design, but, that seems like a significant unpublished change.

Barrel Length: In mm, same. In inches, Gen4 is .01 inches longer. Given the width change above, I wonder if this is an errata on the Gen4, or, was errata on the Gen3s and they corrected on the Gen4.

Unloaded Weight: 785g, 780g, 780g (Gen3, Gen3SF, Gen4).

That's it...just thought some was interesting.

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