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Originally Posted by Woofie View Post
I'm a very firm believer that a doctor is often the least qualified of the medical professionals to practice medicine. I try to go with an NP when I need to go to the "doctor."

I've had some great doctors with my varied health problems, but I've had far more grossly incompetent doctors. Thankfully the PA, NP, or RN was able to inform me what was up to make decisions.

If the medical profession holds up through Obamacare I'm thinking about making Medical Physics my grad program.

Got a way off topic question for you. A couple local hospitals offer associates degrees as a PA. I've never heard of a bachelor's program around here. Obviously there is one, but what are the differences between a PA with an associates degree and one with a master's?
I wasn't aware that there were any associates programs left. It actually used to be a "certificate" program when the profession started with Viet Nam era former SF medics being trained as PA's. For about the last 30 years most were BS, then the last 15 years or so most seemed to convert to Masters Programs. There are a few talking about PhD programs. Degree creep happens. There are a lot getting into the field, so colleges can ask for just about any prerequisite and have enough candidates to still turn several qualified ones away.

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