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Originally Posted by Cavalry Doc View Post
I wasn't aware that there were any associates programs left. It actually used to be a "certificate" program when the profession started with Viet Nam era former SF medics being trained as PA's. For about the last 30 years most were BS, then the last 15 years or so most seemed to convert to Masters Programs. There are a few talking about PhD programs. Degree creep happens. There are a lot getting into the field, so colleges can ask for just about any prerequisite and have enough candidates to still turn several qualified ones away.
So the job responsibilities are the same?
If they are a nationally certified PA. NCCPA is the certifying association. Generally speaking, if you can pass that, you are a fully adequate PA. PA's and NP's cover a lot of the same ground professionally. You will usually see one job posted for either profession to fill. There are some slight differences in pay depending on where you are, sometime one or the other will make a little more than the other. Private sector around here, PA's make more, federal sector here (yes it varies by location) NP's make a little more.
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