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Originally Posted by nickE10mm View Post
You've got my admiration.... Here's MY baby (I sold my G20L long ago but ordered my custom 10mm 1911 longslide with part of the funds)...

I thought about putting a FF3 on it. I might BUY the FF3 and use it for my Ruger SBH and later, TRY it out some day with the mount before milling my 1911. That way, I know for SURE if I want it or not.
That's a work of art, my friend.

I don't think I'd ever machine that pistol's slide to mount any kind of red dot sight. That'd be sacrilegious. It's friggin' awesome.

I wanted a hunter, but I started with a $500 gun and didn't care about aesthetics, much. Your 1911 is way too pretty to machine, IMO.
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