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Originally Posted by nickE10mm View Post
Yea, that's how I feel... but I still wanna mount the FF3 on it without milling the slide. I can always put the adjustable rears back on when I'm done testing. Dunno...

Thanks though
I never looked at the Burris mount options because I ordered the new upper complete, with Lone Wolf Distributor's "slide melt," titanium trigger components (safety plunger, striker, etc.) and I just took my buddy at LWD's recommendation vis a vis the red dot sight.

I couldn't see dumping $600+ (with mount) on a Trijicon RMR for a gun I'd be throwing in a saddle bag to take into the Colorado timber on hunts, camping etc.

This little sight has gotten wet (not immersed) plenty of times, and I've had it out in sub-zero temps many times. It has always worked, flawlessly.

I had the 'smith install Ameriglo sights, too -- "cowitnessed" -- in the event the red dot ever goes down, but I've never had to use them.

All I can say is that shooting with a red dot is far more "intuitive" than I would've thought. It was disconcerting the first trip to the range because it exaggerates your movement when you look at that little dot. You have to unlearn "front sight discipline" and relearn "target fixation."

After years of shooting with iron sights, it's been like trying to rub my stomach, while patting my head; just very foreign to what I've learned, because you look THROUGH the "dot" and make the target your complete focus.

Anyway, once you get comfortable with relearning a different sight/target-acquisition technique, it's much more intuitive and much easier to shoot accurately.

I am putting all my rounds inside a fist-sized group at 25 yards, off-hand, which is something I'd never have been able to do, before, with my stock Glock sights.

I love this little sight, and it's a gas to shoot. It cost me about $250+/- and is the best investment I've ever made in transforming my shooting.

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