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Originally Posted by Altaris View Post
I agree. I do the technical design/sales at Dell for the data center equipment. I have worked with lots of the fortune 500 companies in every sector and the government, over various time periods. It does help with being well rounded and seeing how the different groups handle things...what is important to them(solution vs price), how they do purchasing, politics involved in the purchase, etc....

While this job has not influenced my religious views at all, it was during this time that I went from being a Christian to realizing I was really an Atheist. Once I figured that out, it did finally hit me on why I enjoy this job. From a technical standpoint I deal with a lot of "this is the solution that is right for you", or "No, this will not work at all, don't try it". Then on solutions that we haven't run across before we can (like a scientist) say, "I am not sure, lets test that out in our lab and see if it works." I enjoy working with with evidence. I like being able to say Yes or No, and then throw out numbers or papers to show evidence of why it is Yes or No. I don't like guesses. No company buying millions of dollars in servers is going to accept "Have faith that this solution will work". They want evidence/proof. It wasn't until I realized that I was an Atheist, that I realized the proof thing was one of the big reasons I enjoyed this work.
Hey, I work for Dell, too! Well, as of Sept of last year, at least. I was/am a senior consultant for Quest, now Dell.

In the same boat as you - I need critical thinking and problem solving every day to do my job. I need answers and need to be able to prove those answers with a repeatable process.

I think I've always been predisposed to critical thinking and this led to my atheism.

I'm also a bit of a stickler for precise language, this is definitely a product of my job, and that drives some folks on internet forums a bit batty.
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