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Originally Posted by Cavalry Doc View Post

All other things aside, and I mean that, these are not the posts of a libertarian.

Correction; those are not the posts of a RIGHT libertarian. You do understand what the horizontal plane of that chart represents?

You are a rightist. You believe in the individual. I'm a leftist. I believe in society as a whole. We both believe in minimal government. You want that minimal gov. to protect you from the actions of other individuals. I want that extended to the actions of other large groups that try to horde power and resources.

In the absence of right or left libertarian candidates you vote for the more right authoritarian guy and I vote for the more left one. Funny thing is that I'm really more about the vertical plane of that scale than the horizontal one.

Anybody care to search up my Paul supporter posts? He's right lib. and I was much more in favor of him than Obama. Unfortunately Paul wasn't interested in forcing Christianity and drug prohibition or gay marriage and free birth control on us so nobody on either side wanted him and not nearly enough people took him seriously.

I'm not a whiny ***** like CF so I voted for the left authoritarian over the right one and then look at the bright side of that (Obamacare for my lady friend) and you all jump my ass like it was my idea. You guys that are so worried about gov. power might do well to pay close attention to the next guy that sounds like Paul.
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