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Originally Posted by Cavalry Doc View Post
Of course, I pointed out where her marijuana use may have led to her gastroparesis, and subsequent cyclic vomiting syndrome with links to medical literature.

But you haven't come back there.

From most of us that are paying our own bills, looks like you want us to pay for your GF's self inflicted injury.

Care to guess what my sympathy level is for self inflicted injury?

Ask her PCP if a couple of months off of all Marijuana and marijuana related products would not be a good thing to try. Since it's safe, healthy, and not addictive, a couple of months should be no problem at all....... right??
Look up idiopathic gastroparesis because it is indeed rare unless you want to claim that a simple PA is going to school us on a problem that it's exceedingly difficult to find a doctor that knows anything about it. And she never liked pot at all until the IGP started being a problem for her. Had a husband that smoked it too much and that set her sour on the stuff. It took some convincing to get her to try it and only some strains give her the effect she's looking for (hence the trip to find some of those strains as well as look into moving to a place where it's not illegal for medical use).

You know Doc, I'd think after your years of medical service you'd know better than to try to use something like this as ammo against me. You're a real piece of work and a real POS.

I just lost any interest in ever engaging you in debate or conversation again. Now go tell all your buddies that you finally beat me and how. Back to the ignore list you go for good.

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