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Originally Posted by Geko45 View Post
Despite my earlier post, I feel this is a valid point. What we do/did in the military often does not translate well to the civilian world. I don't know very many former medics that would introduce themselves as "doc" in civilian life despite freely adopting the nickname while in the service. It just sends the wrong message. Non-military people don't get it.
Well, when I signed up on the forum, I was still on active duty. The screen name wasn't something I put more than a couple of seconds thought into. My particular job translated quite well into civilian life on the clinical side, I don't use a lot of the warfighter skills anymore. Not a lot of creative evacuations needed in my current job either. Considering the origin of your own screen name "gecko45", the infamous mall ninja, and a lot of the other screen names around, I'm gonna have to point out that this is another example of selective hypersensitivity. It's a forum, not real life. I go by my first name in real life. I immediately correct anyone that calls me doctor. I'm very comfortable being me IRL. I have occasionally run into people I knew on active duty, and they still call me Doc. On active duty, I was called that much more often than my name or rank.

Try to make the distinction between real life and a screen name.
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