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Originally Posted by FCoulter View Post
I really think you need to sit back and mature abit before posting. Your actions on this thread and others show you really are here for one thing to debate.
What's wrong with debate?

I think its time the admins step in and perhaps issue you a time out until you and act alittle more mature.
By who's standards? You are reacting to a post where I make it clear that I refuse to refer to someone by a professional title they haven't earned with the appropriate level of education. It's no different than a Paralegal wanting to be called an Attorney. Or a bookkeeper wanting to be called a CPA. They simply have not attained the proper credentials to deserve the title. Would it be appropriate for me to go around calling myself a Marine because I have a rifle and some training on how to use it? Or have I not earned the right to honor myself with that title?

This is a religion forum.
Yet for some unknown reason we've been discussing politics in here for the last week.

It is NOT a debate forum. Yes many debates goes on here and if kept civil is ok. You are here for ONE thing only and it is not productive.
Productive? Depends again on perspective I guess. But this is a place for discussion and debate of religious issues. I don't know why you thought differently. I agree I'm tired of the political crap.
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