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Originally Posted by hooligan74 View Post
Gotta agree with CavDoc on this one. I'm not really a hooligan in real life and no one calls me that, either. It's just a handle, no need to read further into it than that.

As long as no attempt is made to convince anyone he is a doctor, no harm no foul.

A local jeweler calls himself the "Rock Doc", but no one believes he's a medical doctor or has a Ph.D.
Not the same thing. He works in the medical field. Posing as a doctor when you aren't is a professional no no. Not saying he has done that per se. But I believe he has made the statement that people on this forum have asked him for medical advise. If I'm mistaken in that regard I apologize. To be fair they probably knew he was a PA and not a Doctor. I've not been here for years and years like some of you. But you get my drift.
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